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Web-based Resources

Job Search Links The New York Times CNBC The Weather Channel
Publication Links The Top Ten List Naval Time
News Media Links The Axinn Library Encyclopedia Britannica

Course Information

IB 150
        - Information on IB 150, Introduction to International Business

IB 219
        - Information on IB 219, Global Business Decision Making

MKT 101
        - Course Information on Principles of Marketing (Undergraduate)

MKT 170
        - Course Information on International Marketing (Undergraduate)

MKT 175
        - Marketing Planning and Product Strategies

MKT 220
        - Course Information on International Marketing (Graduate)

MKT 245
        - Information on MKT 245, Research for Marketing Decisions

MKT/IB 304
        - Information on MKT/IB 304, Advanced Research Seminar in Marketing and
          International Business

Electronic Reserves at Hofstra University

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My Research Philosophy

Cool Links!

United Nations International Monetary Fund FORTUNE Global 500 Co. CEO Express
World Trade Org (WTO) U.S. Dept. of Commerce FORTUNE 500 Companies Business Week
World Bank (IBRD) OECD The Economist CIA World Fact Book
Learn HTML This site teaches the basics of HTML and other webpage construction techniques
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Get Great Posters Visit the world's largest posters and print store!
Get Free Wallpapers A huge number of beautiful, crisp, and above all, free photos for your desktop!
Leisure & Fun To see the Big Apple - New York City, the beautiful Long Island, and much more!
Chinese Websites For selected newspapers, magazines, and websites in Chinese, this is it!
My Vitae, etc. My mailing and e-mail addresses, phone number, curriculum vitae, and family photo albums
Comparing Nations You can compare nations on a variety of statistics based on the World Fact Book

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