Terrapin Volunteer Program

Dr. Russell L. Burke

Terrapin Volunteer  Program

Dr. Russell L. Burke



The Terrapin Volunteer Program Needs You!

I need volunteers to help with a diamondback terrapin conservation project every May, June, and July. College students may be able to get credit for their assistance. Get a fantastic tan while helping out a species in trouble, get valuable experience with wildlife, and do something for natural world!

Volunteers must have their own transportation to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, in Gateway National Recreational Area, accessible by train and bus from NYC.

Click here to read more about terrapins in the NYC area.

For more information contact:

Dr. Russell Burke
Department of Biology
Hofstra University
(516) 463-5521

Note: This project is not necessarily ideal for high school students. Two problems: they normally do not get done with school until late June, when the nesting season is already half over. Also, they normally have transportation problems getting to the refuge conveniently. If you are a high school student willing to deal with these problems, I'm glad to talk!


Dr. Russell L. Burke