Amphibians and Reptiles of Long Island,
Staten Island and Manhattan


Introduction: what we’ve done here

This web page is a key for identifying the reptiles and amphibians found on Long Island (L.I.), Staten Island (S.I.) and Manhattan. It is important to note that Manhattan now hosts only 4-5 species (Bullfrogs, Snapping turtles, Painted turtles, Red Eared Sliders, and possibly Spring Peepers). Thus, this web page focuses primarily on Long Island and Staten Island, both of which still have a substantial number of species. This key does not include the neighboring mainland U.S areas (New Jersey, Connecticut, or the rest of New York).

This key contains ALL reptiles and amphibians, that currently, or until recently, occurred in sustained populations in this region. Species that have become extinct locally are included in this key as well as exotic (introduced) species. Any geographic species information is meant for identification and general informational purposes only, and using this web page to facilitate collecting is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Specific geographic locations of protected species are not given.

Who are we?

This web site is operated and maintained by Dr. Russell L. Burke, Department of Biology, Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. This web site was designed for a “Special Topics in Biology” independent project by one of Dr. Burke’s graduate students, Jeremy A. Feinberg.  Jeremy did most of the groundwork, design and research for this web page, and finished his M.S. in Biology at Hofstra in 2000.