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The new People server, located at people.hofstra.edu is divided into two sections. There's a Faculty area, and a Student area. Each area houses the individual webpages for the people at Hofstra.

To locate an individual's site, you can use either the Alphabetical listing or the Search function. To use the alphabetical listing, simply go into the appropriate area of the site (Faculty, Staff and Administration, or Student), and then click on the word Alphabetical.

To use the search function click on the word Search (here or on the right side of any page). You can easily narrow your search to within Faculty, Staff and Administration, or Students. A basic search should locate the individual's site, but if you need to do a more defined search, you can do that as well.

There is also information regarding setting up and maintaining your own website on the People server. This information can be found in the Your Personal Site section within the Faculty, Staff/Administration, or Student areas.

To set up the account for your website, go to the Apply section within your area of the People server (i.e. if you're a Faculty member, go into the Faculty section and then click Apply on the right hand side of the page). You'll then be asked to enter some information, and that information will be sent to the administrators who will set up your web account.

If you have trouble setting up your account, you can call (516) 463-7777. Or you can contact Faculty Computing Services in the Computer Center.

Once your account is set up, the new drag-and-drop publishing system should make it very easy to maintain, update, and change your site. There are step-by-step tutorials available to guide you through the drag-and-drop system.

And for those of you who want to take site-management a bit further, you can use Dreamweaver's site-management functions. Along with enabling you to easily modify the look of your site, Dreamweaver allows you to do things such as automatically update links across your entire site, check for broken links, etc. Faculty Computing Services will be holding classes for those of you who want to get more familiar with Dreamweaver.

Many of you have designed–or will design–your own webpages, and Faculty Computing Services or your department Facilitator can help you in that area. There are also templates available that can make the process of putting a website together much easier. These templates all have a professional design look and they can be modified to suit your needs. If you would like to see the templates, or have any questions about them, email Faculty Computing Services.

We hope this new People server and new web-publishing system make it easy and rewarding to set up your own website and add to the Hofstra Online presence.

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