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Hofstra University is providing the Faculty Personal Web Page Service to foster teaching, learning and scholarship at Hofstra University. Personal Web Pages are a means by which faculty can provide information about themselves, their teaching and research activities, other professional activities, and resources that are important to their careers as educators.

Unlike Hofstra University's official web site, Hofstra Online Pride, Hofstra does not supervise, edit, or review the materials contained within the web sites of individual faculty (see disclaimer). Hofstra believes that faculty should be free to exercise their academic freedom within the bounds of the Faculty Policy Series and other policies outlined under the Policies section of this site.

In an attempt to make creating and publishing Personal Pages as easy as possible, Hofstra has built this site based upon the Novell Enhanced Netscape Server, running on a Novell file server. The advantage of this server is that it provides drag-and-drop publishing from your office computer when connected to the network. Faculty are provided both a public site and a private site which can be used as a staging area or testing area for new pages. For more details see the "Your Personal Site" portion and click on the link, "Creating and Publishing Personal Pages." This site now also supports publishing using FTP, and supports Perl CGI scripts from any account.

Faculty may apply for an account on this server by following the instructions in the "Apply" section of this site. Faculty will be notified by e-mail that the account is active. The username and password is the same as that used to login to the Hofstra Novell network.

Faculty who may already have web pages outside of Hofstra University may have a link added from http://people.hofstra.edu/faculty to their site's pages. We encourage you to move your site to the Hofstra server since the pages at other sites will not be indexed by Hofstra and thus will not be searchable. To request that a link be made, faculty should fill out the appropriate information on the form under the "Make Public " section of this site.


Hofstra University assumes no responsibility for the content of pages produced by its individual faculty members. All faculty must read and agree to abide by the policies outlined in the Policies section of this site before being granted the opportunity to publish their Personal Pages to this site. Hofstra University does not supervise, edit, or review the materials contained within the web site of individual faculty, nor does it monitor the links to which these sites connect.

Hofstra will, however, begin an investigation of any reported violation of Hofstra Policies or pertinent Local, State or Federal law within one working day of the reported violation. Hofstra reserves the right to summarily suspend the web site privileges of any individual based upon such a report when a Federal, State, or Local law has been purportedly violated.

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