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Welcome to my website,

I am an Assistant Professor of Psychology and a researcher at Hofstra University (NY, USA). I am broadly interested in the study of associative learning and memory, in both human predictive/causal learning and animal conditioning paradigms. My current research attempts to study whether, given certain conditions, normal (adaptive) learning mechanisms might result in maladaptive behavior. Specifically, this research focuses on the reckless consumption of potentially dangerous foods due to a medicine-induced safety feeling (e.g., excessive consumption of spicy or fatty food after taking antacid tablets), although this research could equally be applied to any scenario in which a potentially harmful behavior is encouraged by a safety feeling, or the expectation that no noxious consequence will occur (e.g., excessive alcohol consumption after taking anti-hangover caplets or prolonged sun exposure when using sunscreen). This research, conducted using nonhuman animals (i.e., rats) and a conditioned taste aversion preparation, has the potential to provide us with some insight on why we, humans, sometimes imprudently engage in behaviors which would normally be expected to yield harmful consequences, thereby putting our safety and/or health at stake. (For more details and some preliminary data, you can read this article.)

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