Engineering Department

M. David Burghardt, Ph.D.

Office: 200A Weed Hall
Phone: 516-463-5550
Fax: 516-463-4939


I believe that being a professor is more than being a teacher; we not only teach from the body of knowledge in our field, we create new knowledge at the same time. My love of teaching is very much connected to my own learning and drives my interest in sharing this with my students. I also learn from their comments and questions and develop deeper insights of my own, because I believe encouraging interconnections between creating knowledge and sharing this knowledge is very productive. Because of this, I have written several textbooks supporting the courses I have taught and published numerous papers.

Teaching in the Engineering Department in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, in the Teaching, Literacy and Leadership Department of the School of Education, and in the Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has broadened and deepened my knowledge and abilities far beyond the norm. In this age of diversity, it has taught me how to guide and inspire students at several different levels at once, while imparting to them not only knowledge, but the ability to think independently. I created the BA in STEM and direct the program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and co-created the MA in STEM in the School of Education; I designed and teach courses in each program.

I established the Center for STEM Research ( in 1989 and have continued to expand its role as a well-endowed national center in my capacity as a Co-Director. Since 1993 we have won twelve major NSF grants, the largest being the MSTP grant for $11.5 million in 2003, for a total funding of $33 million. Additionally, I won a Gates Foundation grant, WISEngineering, that provided the foundation for a current NSF funded project, Wise Guys & Gals-Boys & Girls as WISEngineering STEM Learners. For the past seven years my primary areas of research have related to engineering design as pedagogy and practice in STEM education and interconnected STEM learning. I am one of the leading researchers in defining K-12 engineering and researching student learning in STEM with an engineering focus.