establishes structure of government

U.S. Constitution (in USCA, USCS)

State - New York Constitution (in McKinney's)
Municipal - Charter (e.g. NYC Charter)
Legislative - Statutes or Code

session law enacted by legislature, organized chronolgically

subject compilation of legislation currently in force="Code"

Public Law (PL)
(Stat, USCCAN)

United States Code
(also USCA, USCS)
State Municipal

Chapter Law (in McKinney's
Session Laws)

McKinney's (black
vols), CLS

Local Laws

Administrative Code
Executive (Administrative) - Regulations

chronological publication of regulations and executive actions

subject compilation of regulations and
executive actions currently
in force="Code"-regulations or "administrative"

Federal Register

Code of Federal Regulations
State Municipal
New York State Register

Official Compilation of the Codes,
Rules and Regulations of the State
of New York (NYCRR)

Rules of Municipal agencies
(avail. online mostly for very large
municipalities only)
Judicial - Cases
highest court

appellate court

trial court
U.S. Supreme Court
(U.S., SCt., LEd2d)

Courts of Appeals
(2nd Circuit for N.Y.)

Federal District Courts
Court of Appeals
(N.Y.3d, NYS2d)

Appellate Division
(A.D.3d, NYS2d)

Supreme Court
(Misc3d, NYS2d)

Legal Abbreviations

A3d,A2d,A = Atlantic Reporter*
AD3d,AD2d,AD = N.Y. Appellate Division Reports
Cal Rptr3d,Cal Rptr2d,Cal Rptr = California Reporter
CFR=Code of Federal Regulations
CLS = Consolidated Laws Service
F3d, F2d, F. = Federal Reporter
FSupp3d, FSupp2d, FSupp = Federal Supplement
FR = Federal Register
LEd2d, LEd=Laywers' Edition SupremeCourt Reports
Misc3d,Misc2d,Misc. = N.Y. Miscellaneous Reports
NE2d, NE = Northeastern Reporter*
NW2d, NW = Northwestern Reporter*
NY3d,NY2d,NY = New York Reports
NYCRR=Official Compilation of the Codes, Rules
and Regulations of the State of New York
NYS2d, NYS = New York Supplement
P3d, P2d, P = Pacific Reporter*
PL=Public Law
SCt=Supreme Court Reporter
SE2d, SE = Southeastern Reporter*
So3d,So2d,So = Southern Reporter*
Stat=United States Statutes at Large
SW3d, SW2d, SW = Southwestern Reporter*
U.S. = United States Reports
USC = United States Code
USCA = United States Code Annotated
USCCAN = United States Code Congressional
and Administrative News
USCS = United States Code Service

* - Regional Reporter - see other side for coverage

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West's National Reporter System is a set of reporters that divides the 50 states and the District of Columbia into seven regions: Atlantic, North Eastern, North Western, Pacific, South Eastern, South Western, and Southern. The National Reporter System covers the appellate courts of all the states and the District of Columbia. The federal reporters published by West are also part of the National Reporter System.

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