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Frequently Asked Questions or Comments (in no particular order)

  1. Furniture arrangement
  2. Food and Drink
  3. Noise
  1. Power Outlets
  2. Hours
  3. Temperature
  1. Cleaning the Library
  2. Parking
  1. Various comments on the new table locations, some commending the move and some requesting a return to the former configuration.

    Ernster's answer : This is one of those issues where users have a wide variety of views and preferences. Based on general usage and an assessment of comments, the new arrangement serves users better than the former arrangement. For that reason, there is presently no plan to return the tables to their original locations.

  2. Drinks and Food! Why can we have drinks, but no food in the library?

    Ernster's answer : Fellow caffeine addicts of the world rejoice!!! You can now bring any kind of drink into the Library. We have to be careful, though. With new carpet, computers and books, we cannot get careless. Please report any spills ASAP to the front desk so that we can avoid losing our caffeine privileges.

    Ernster loves food even more than he loves coffee, but he abhors the trash, the penetrating smells, and the insects and other pests which accompany food. He's received numerous complaints about persistent smells, which ultimately have been tracked to food found in the library. Insects of the creepy, crawly variety have also been found on the lower level of the library, where significant evidence of covert eating has been found.

  3. Enforce the talking policy/make clear where the talking areas are.

    Ernster's answer : Yes, like you, my profound meditation has been more than occasionally interrupted by noise in the Library - even in the quiet areas. It gets so a virtual cat cannot even hear himself purr! The Library staff has assured me that they will do their best not to contribute to the noise and to post signs to better demarcate talking areas from quiet study areas. Nonetheless, for the librarians and staff to eliminate all noise, they would have to become constant noise patrol - and would thereby have to abandon all other functions, such as helping you with your research, lending wireless cards and signing out study rooms.

  4. Add more outlets! Or if not, then temporary outlets (power).

    Ernster's answer : Outlets are coming, really, they are! Granted, they won't appear as quickly as we would like, but installing new circuit breakers and wiring takes both time and money. Over the next three years, we hope to have the entire library refurbished, with power to every seat.

    As for temporary outlets, we are exploring this option, but there are a few complications, not the least of which are (1) power constraints (even if we added 100 power strips, the current wiring may not be able to handle the demand); (2) tripping hazards (temporary power = extension cords and power strips). Where we can do this safely, we'll try.

  5. Open longer hours

    Ernster's answer : If you have submitted this request, could you please provide further information on the underlying need (e.g. just need a quiet place to study, away from noisy roomates)? This is a complex issue, invoking questions of staffing, finances, security, and safety. A full analysis of the problem and the identification of possible solutions is dependent on understanding the reasoning behind the request.

  6. Temperature in the Library

    Ernster's answer: I have a permanent fur coat, so am not a good judge of when you might be uncomfortable. Consequently, if you are too hot or cold, please let us know. We may need to address this systemically by asking the Plant department to permanently adjust the thermostat or there may be a temporary cause that we need to ask Plant to address. Either way, let us know and we will do what we can.

  7. Cleaning the Library

    Ernster's answer: As a fastidious feline, I can empathize with your requests for a clean and neat Library. The Library Administrative office works tirelessly with the appropriate University departments in charge of maintenance to keep all areas clean. Of especial concern, I know, are the restrooms. I have been assured that the Law School Administration is working with the University for increased cleaning services in the restrooms. Please understand that because these issues involve various University departments outside of the Library and Law School, correcting any problems may take some time.

  8. Parking

    Ernster's answer: Yes, I know. This is a constant topic of conversation for everyone. Believe me, if I could have done something about it and become the University feline phenom, I would have!!! All I can say is that the University makes all parking policies - not the Library or Law School. Contact Public Safety with your concerns.

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