Joan S. Bloomgarden

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Creative Arts Therapy

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Dr. Joan S. Bloomgarden, LCAT, ATR-BC, MHC
Associate Professor, Creative Arts Therapy Programs

Joan S. Bloomgarden, Ph.D, A.T.R.-BC is an associate professor in the Creative Arts Therapy Program at Hofstra University. She has published articles and presented, both nationally and internationally, on a variety of topics including clinical issues, research and art therapy with children of special needs. The common thread throughout her work is the exploration of the creative process.

Mission Statement : Within the field of art therapy, there are two main approaches.  These are commonly designated “art as therapy” and “art psychotherapy.”  The former views the doing of art as therapeutic and emphasizes the development of art skills.  The latter views spontaneous art as a vehicle for self-understanding and downplays artistic ability.  At Hofstra, we ground students in both art therapy approaches.  Our psychotherapeutic model is an eclectic blending of psychodynamic and humanistic models with reference to interpersonal, developmental, cognitive-behavioral, family systems, and bio-medical theories and approaches.  Our understanding of visual art is informed by Gestalt psychology, research in creativity, and the evolutionary perspective of Ellen Dissanayake. 



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