Invertebrates from dredge, Oregon (OIMB)

Dr. Jason D. Williams

Department of Biology
Hofstra University
Hempstead, NY 11549-1140

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Eating tunicates (piure) in Chile



Natural history of marine invertebrates

Research in my lab is focused on exploring the biology of marine invertebrates. I am particularly interested in the symbioses between hermit crabs and commensal polychaete worms, barnacles and parasitic isopods. Hermit crabs are important members of marine habitats where they typically use empty gastropod shells for protection. Through their use of shells, hermit crabs provide a substrate for diverse communities of symbionts. Although there are over 1100 described species of hermit crabs, approximately less than 25% of these species have been examined for symbionts. My research includes taxonomic studies on the biodiversity of these groups and investigations aimed at expanding our understanding of their natural history.




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