Northwest Quadrant

*Unfortunantly I did not have the pleasure of visiting the northwest part of Iceland and so all of the photos and information on this page are from

Northwest Iceland is made up of three sparsely populated districts, an eighth of the counrty in terms of square kilometers, but the population is only about ten thousand. From a geologic stand point, in comparrison to the rest of the island, the northwest region of Iceland is very young. The mountain rocks are only 1.5-8 million years old.

The landscape of the northwest offers a variety of geologic features including mountains, lava fields, marshes, lakes, rivers, and fields.The valleys and lowlands provide a good agricultural land basis and the abundant shore line provides lots of fishing. One thing that sets northwest Iceland apart is the diverse wildlife that inhabits the region. Reindeer, seals, exotic birds, wild horses, and puffins make the northwest their home every year.


Cliffs and Fjords

Lakes, Geothermal Area, and Villages