SpeciesCI 3.0

SpeciesCI is a program that employs three different methods to calculate confidence intervals around measured species abundances counted from bulk paleoecological samples. This program can be used to set confidence intervals around an already measured species abundance distribution, or it can be used to determine the size of samples needed to achieve a particular level of precision prior to sampling. For this an approximate estimate of the species abundance distribution to be sampled is needed, which can be derived from a small initial sample.

Download a Zip archive with SpeciesCI 3.0 compiled to run on Macs. This archive includes sample input and output files, as well as the fortran code for the program.

Version 3.0 allows the use of either specimen counts or counts converted to non-integer species percentages in all input files. However, the bootstrap analysis will automatically round percentages to whole integers. To insure that the bootstrap runs accurately, only integer percentages should be used. Also, all species percentages in each sample should total to 100%. Species not being included in the analysis should be pooled and included as "other".

This version of the program runs on Macs under the Classic environment.

I would appreciate hearing any questions or comments regarding this program. If you would like to suggest modifications and improvements to make it easier and better, please email!

J Bret Bennington GeoJBB@Hofstra.edu

This program is Freeware and may be distributed freely provided that no modifications are made to the original program.