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Pennsylvanian Cyclothems and Marine Units (Appalachian Basin)

Dr. J Bret

This figure is taken from a paper (Bennington, 2002) which examines the interaction of sediment supply and eustacy (sea level change) in creating facies patterns in the Magoffin Member, an Appalachian Basin cyclothem.

Cyclothems are packages of strata characteristic of the Pennsylvanian and Permian Periods. An individual cyclothem typically contains a sequence of rock layers that indicate a progressive change in depositional environments from coal swamp, to marine, to non-marine, and back to coal swamp. Cyclothems appear to be generated by changing sea level, although the mechanism of sea level change continues to be controversial. Relative sea level change is controlled by the interaction of tectonic subsidence, sedimentation, and eustacy (changes in global sea level). Cyclothems developed in the Appalachian Basin in the eastern United States have traditionally been seen as controlled primarily by the interaction of tectonic subsidence and sedimentary deposition. This is because the Appalachian Basin formed due to subsidence of a foreland basin adjacent to the Alleghenian Orogen, which was then filled with sediments shed from the erosion of the rising mountains. However, my studies of the Magoffin Member, a cyclothem developed during a particularly large sea level rise, suggest that eustacy was, nevertheless, an important factor in the deposition of Appalachian Basin cyclothems.

Publications related to this topic include:

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