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J Bret Bennington
Charles Merguerian

Virtual Field Trips can be assembled from QTVR media in a variety of ways. Panoramas and objects can be incorporated into traditional field trip web pages to more realistically illustrate geologic features, outcrops, and scenery. Panoramas can be created with embedded hot links that allow the user to click on features in the panorama to get more information or additional images. Panoramas and objects can also be linked together to form a QTVR Scene, which is a single, self-contained movie file. Clcking on hot links in a Scene changes the view to a new location or perspective, which itself is hot linked to other perspectives. A well-constructed scene can be explored by a user almost as if they were moving through the actual environment represented. Linking Scenes to text and images within a web page creates the potential to build very information-rich and realistic online virtual field trips. We present some examples below, all of which should be considered work-in-progress.

This page is currently under construction. The field trips presented here are still undergoing testing - parts of them may not work yet.


Orchard Beach, Bronx to Paterson, NJ
Hofstra Geology 1C Field Trip

Highlights: Hartland Formation metamorphic bedrock of the Manhattan Prong, Orange Mountain flood basalt exposed at Great Falls of Paterson, view from Garrett Mt. of Watchung Hills, central Newark Basin.

Media: Web page incorporating QTVR panoramas.

Issues: Panoramas will not load in Netscape 6.




Bear Valley Strip Mine, Shamokin, PA

Highlights: Exposed anticline (whaleback) and syncline-anticline pair in far highwall. RHS highwall shows ironstone concretions and lycopod fossils (logs, upright trunk, foliage).

Media: QTVR Scene (7.3 mb)

Issues: Takes time to load.


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