Geology 033
Environmental Geomorphology

Dr. J Bret Bennington

Useful Links

USGS Maps of New England and New York (UNH document library - download high quality jpgs of topographic quadrangle maps)
New York State GIS Clearinghouse topo map images - digital topographic quadrangle maps
USGS Seamless Map
National Atlas
Panoramic aerial maps of the American West (DEMs - California Geological Survey)

Lecture Notes

Lecture Presentation
Other Resources
Introduction to Geomorphology
Wikipedia Article
Major geomorphic regions in the US
Online Reference
Wikipedia Article
Topographic map skills
Landform construction and destruction    
Topographic expression of geologic structure
Mass Wasting   Los Angeles Against the Mountains
Factor of Safety    
Niagara Falls    
Volcanic Landforms    
Volcanic Hazards    
Impact Landforms    
Karst Topography    
Coastal Landforms and Processes    
Barrier Islands    
Glacial Landforms    

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