Geology 121
Hydrology / Groundwater Geology

Dr. J Bret Bennington

Course Materials:


Presentation Title

Applied Hydrogeology 4th ed. by C.W. Fetter

Lecture Notes and
Other Resources

Introduction Ch. 1

Brownfields   EPA Website on Brownfields
Phase I ESA   Short Video on Phase I ESAs
Water Budgets and Water Cycle Ch. 1, skim Ch. 2
The Groundwater Reservoir Ch. 3 p.93-100 Physical Properties of Water
Introduction to A Civil Action A Civil Action - J. Harr see links above
  Ch. 3 p.66-93 Porosity, Permeability, Darcy's Law
  Ch. 3 p.100-104 Storativity and Transmissivity
Hydraulic Head / Potentiometric Contours Ch. 4 p. 113-122 Hydraulic Head
Cone of Depression

Ch. 4, p.140-146
Ch. 5, p.150-165

Groundwater Flow / Drawdown

Midterm Exam Review Sheet (Download pdf)

Presentation Title

Applied Hydrogeology 4th ed. by C.W. Fetter

Lecture Notes and
Other Resources

Well Tests and Slug Tests Ch. 5, p.166-213

Well Tests / Slug Tests

Aberjona Aquifer Pump Test    
Saltwater Intrusion / Coastal Aquifers Ch. 8, p.331-338
Freshwater-Saltwater Interactions
Aquifer Geology Ch. 8, all
Northeast Aquifer Geology
Long Island Aquifers / Water Use  
Long Island Aquifer System
Glacial Geology of Long Island    
Groundwater Contamination Ch. 9, p.346-347, Ch. 10

Water Chemistry/Quality

Groundwater Contamination

Superfund and Brownfields /
Woburn Remediation
Ch. 11, p.449-458 Phase II BA Notes
Borehole Geophysical Methods Ch. 12, p.492-504 Geophysical Methods

Final Exam Review Sheet (Download pdf)

Useful Publications:

Sustainability of Groundwater Resources by W.M. Alley, T.E. Reilly, and O.L. Frank, U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1186

Stumm, 2001, Hydrogeology and Extent of Saltwater Intrusion of the Great Neck Peninsula, Great Neck, Long Island, New York, USGS Water-Resources Investigations Report 99-4280. (2.9 mb pdf)

Useful Links:

Brownfield Action Login

EPA Superfund Site / Cleanups in My Community

Toxics Targeting (type in an address and see what RECs exist within the vicinity)

Long Island Geologists website (geology info, events, meetings, regional job listings in hydrology)

LIAPG (Long Island Association of Professional Geologists - list of regional firms, talks, workshops, conferences, and employment)

USGS Groundwater Atlas of the United States

USGS Water Resources

USGS Groundwater Information

Civil Action Links - Key Issues in the Trial - excellent overview of the Woburn Toxic Trial. Part of a larger website developed by Dr. Scott Bair (Ohio State University) for educators using the Woburn Trial to teach about environmental science and environmental law. - Press release from Ohio State University detailing recent research by Dr. Scott Bair into the contamination of Wells G and H. - Civil Action page with many links to other resources from a chemistry course website by Dr. Charles Ophardt at Elmhurst College - Short documentary about the making of the film version of A Civil Action (1998) and the true events benind the film.

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