Geology 06 / 14F (NS)
Introduction to Dinosaurs and the Mesozoic World

Dr. J Bret Bennington

Course Materials

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Other Resources

History of Dinosaur Paleontology

Wikipedia Article: History of Dinosaur Studies
Haddonfield NJ Dinosaur

Introduction to Deep Time
UC Berkeley Web Geological Time Machine
Radiometric Dating USGS: Radiometric Time Scale 9-11
Sedimentary Rocks Lab Manual - Sedimentary Rock Lab 9-11
Sedimentary Environments and Dinosaurs Geology paper on dinosaur death and preservation at Ukhaa Tolgod, Mongolia / Natural History article 9-11
Mesozoic Marine Life Oceans of Kansas
Dinosaur Fossilization  
T. rex Paleobiology
Assigned readings posted on Blackboard

Midterm Exam - above topics (Download Review Outline)

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Other Resources

Dinosaur Skeletal Anatomy
Taxonomy and Phylogenetics    
Dinosaur Taxonomy and Phylogeny    
The Triassic Transition    
Birds and Dinosaurs    
K-T Extinction    

Final Exam - above topics (Download Review Outline)

Informative Links

American Museum of Natural History

The Dinosauria (U.C. Berkeley)

Photos from field work in Mongolia (Dr. David Loope)

Documentary Videos

Fun Stuff

They Might Be Giants "I am a Paleontologist" Song

Oddities - "Dino Poop" segment

Eddie Izzard on Raptors

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