Indicator Passenger Freight Description
Passenger / freight density passenger-km / km ton-km / km A standard measure of transport efficiency.
Mean distance traveled passenger-km / passenger ton-km / ton A measure of the ground covering capacity of networks and different transport modes.
Mean per capita
ton output (freight)
Mean number of trips per capita (passenger)
passengers / population tons / population Used to measure the relative performance of transport modes.
Mean utilization coefficient number of passengers / total carrying capacity (%) actual load (ton) / overall load capacity (ton) (%) Especially useful with increasing complexity of logistics associated with containerization of freight (i.e. the problem of empty returns). Can also be used to measure transit ridership.
Technical Performance Indicators
Passenger-km or ton-km are standard units for measuring travel that considers the number of people traveling or ton output and distance traveled. For example, 120 passenger-km represents 10 passengers traveling 12 kilometers or 2 passengers traveling 60 kilometers, and so on.