Source: American Association of Port Authorities. Note: SeaTac Alliance (Northwest Seaport Alliance) is the merger of the ports of Seattle and Tacoma that took place in 2015. Before that, the two ports were separate entities.
Cargo Handled by the Top 6 North American Container Ports, 1985-2016 (TEUs)
Recent trends in containerized traffic underline a concentration among the largest ports that act as the major gateways of North American trade. About 55% of the North American traffic is handled by its six largest ports, a share that has remained stable since the 2000s. These gateways are often clusters of port facilities. The Los Angeles / Long Beach (San Pedro Bay) port cluster is the most significant in North America. New York alone accounted for more than half of the container traffic growth taking place along the East Coast, while Vancouver accounted for 50% of the Canadian container volume.