Type Field Possible Measure
Economic Costs Property values Loss in rent value per decibel
Social Costs Public health Health services costs
Environmental Costs Damage to ecosystems Loss of living areas due to high noise levels
Externalities of Noise Pollution
  • Economic Costs. Several studies have been conducted on the impact of noise levels on property values around airports. They all conclude that noise generated by such activities have a significant impact of property values, but the scale of impact varies according to the nature of land uses. Drops in property values for residential areas range from 0.4 to 1.1% per decibel, with an average value of 0.62%. Impact analysis for highways suggested a decrease from 8 to 10% of property values due to noise emissions by road transportation.
  • Social Costs. Limited information is available on the health costs related to noise emissions by transportation. It can only be speculated some hearing losses imputed to continuous high levels of exposure to transportation related noise. We may also add stress levels imposed by a continuous exposure to noise and / or lack of sleep.
  • Environmental Costs. Environmental costs of noise emissions are very difficult to assess. It is assumed that some living areas are not accessible to wildlife due to high noise levels emitted by different transportation modes (e.g. inter-city highways).