Source: adapted from Comtois, C. and B. Slack (2007) Restructuring the maritime transportation industry: global overview of sustainable development practices, Ministere des Transports du Quebec, Etudes et Recherches en Transport, RTQ-07-01.
Sustainability Dimensions in the Maritime Industry
The sustainability of maritime transport covers two interrelated dimensions related to maritime shipping and port operations. Due to local pressures, several ports are embarking in various environmental regulations such as restricting ship engine idling and drayage, which focus on noise and pollutant emissions (bunker fuel) because they have clear local impacts. For instance, it is common that a truck will end its life cycle in drayage operations. Climate change is also an issue that may add to the sustainability of transport maritime transport, particularly in terms of a more stringent regulatory framework. Yet, since maritime transportation only accounts for 2.3% of greenhouse gas emissions attributed to fossil fuel consumption, the industry is a low priority target.