Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics, National Transportation Statistics, table 3-23.
Employment in Transportation, United States, 1990-2010
Transportation is a significant source of employment, namely since the operation of vehicles such as trucks or buses is labor intensive. It employs between 3% and 8% of the total labor force of developed countries. In the United States, transportation employed directly in 2010 4.2 million people, 715,000 more than 20 years earlier. The dominant sector of employment involves motor vehicle operators, namely truck drivers, many of which are owner-operator. Transportation employs about 7.5% of the American workforce. While the number of transport jobs has slightly decreased since 2000, sectors such as warehousing and support activities have increased. Support activities include air traffic control services, marine cargo handling, and motor vehicle towing. Couriers, urban transit and the air transport industry are also significant employers. Although it carries vast amounts for freight, the rail sector is more capital intensive than labor intensive.