Source: Itineraries from Royal Caribbean Cruises. Note: Paths are approximate.
Selected Cruise Itineraries, Mediterranean
Typical 7 days itineraries are structured as small loops of 4 to 5 ports of call each covering a specific sub-region such as the Adriatic or the Spanish coast. Since the distances between ports of call are relatively short, this leaves additional time for shore excursions as each port of call offers a wide array of cultural amenities. 14 days itineraries are also being offered covering large parts of the European side of the Mediterranean.
Many of the itineraries are focused on historical sites and exceptional scenery. The most popular countries for cruise ports of call in Europe are Italy, Spain and Greece. Strong growth in Mediterranean cruises in the past years has made that some ports are getting very crowded. This is particularly felt in top cruise tourist destinations such as Santorini in Greece, Venice in Italy and Dubrovnik in Croatia, but also hub ports such as Civitavecchia and Barcelona are challenged to cope with the strong growth of the past years.
There are two adjacent markets to the Mediterranean that have experienced growth. The first concerns the Baltic that represent an active summer market. The second concerns the Red Sea, which a much smaller market, but suitable for winter cruises.