Category Activity
Container Management Broking/Leasing.
Inventory management.
Transport chain routing.
Container Transportation Maritime shipping (Routing, Scheduling).
Terminal operations (Transshipment, Storage/Stacking, Gate access).
Inland transportation (Rail operations, Drayage, Repositioning).
Container Handling Loading (Packing, Palletizing and Bundling).
Transloading (Re-bundling).
Unloading (Unbundling, de-palletizing and Unpacking).
Container Storage and Maintenance Empty stacking.
Cleaning & Repair.
Logistical Activities Related to Containerization
The logistical activities that support container transportation fall into four broad categories:
  • Container Management. Activities related to making the container available to the transportation market. It is particularly concerned with the brokering or the leasing of containers which involves the management of the existing container inventory in view of customers' demands. Also, decisions are made about the segments along possible transport chains the containers will be using.
  • Container Transportation. All the activities related to the physical movement of containers along transport chains. It concerns maritime shipping, terminal operations and inland transportation.
  • Container Handling. Activities related to the handling of goods carried in containers, particularly loading, transloading and unloading.
  • Container Storage and Maintenance. Concerns the pre and post container transportation activities. Empty containers have to be brought to a terminal or a depot so that that can be inspected for transport worthiness, cleaned and repaired if necessary. Once this is done, they are ready to be reused or repositioned.
Many of these activities are now taking place at satellite terminals and inland ports.