Source: Adapted from the Oppenheimer Group.
Availability of Fresh Produce by Season and Region
Cold chain logistics have enabled the availability of fresh produce almost on a continual basis. What that used to be only seasonally available can now be provided year round, either because the supply is in a tropical with a continuous growing season, it is grown in controlled conditions (e.g. greenhouses) or because of the ability to switch to supply sources according to seasonal variations. For instance, bananas and pineapples are available year round because grown in tropical conditions in countries such as Costa Rica or Ecuador. Other produces such as apples, citrus and grapes are grown seasonally in different parts of the world, conferring a constant level of availability (although quantities will obviously vary). The price of produces will thus fluctuate according to the quantity being produced, the distances involved and its perishability. The most stable price is usually found in the banana trade because of the large economies of scale in this sector, well developed cold chain logistics and a year round production.