Source: adapted from UNESCAP.
Transport, Trade and Governance
Three particular issues are linked with the governance of transportation systems:
  • Transport agreements shape the commercial environment in which transportation modes and terminals operate, such as their ownership and operation.
  • Trade agreements define how trade between nations is taking place, particularly concerning tariffs and regulations. The governance of these conditions is overseen by various supranational organizations, namely the World Trade Organization, as well as regional trade agreements related to specific trade flows. The transport sector is strongly influenced by these conditions, particularly in terms of network configuration, modal choice, the usage of gateways and the organization of supply chains.
  • E-Governance is a loosely defined term concerning information networks and systems used to inform, communicate and manage the relations between government, nonprofit, and private-sector entities. A common model for e-governance is a one-stop portal where stakeholders have access to a variety of information and services.