Core Activity Dimensions
Traffic Management Vessel traffic management (fast turnaround, security, reliability).
Management of inbound and outbound inland traffic.
Partnership with barge, rail and truck operators for inland distribution.
Area Management Develop transport infrastructures.
Provide space for port related activities (expansion or reconversion).
Rationalize the land use.
Minimize externalities with adjacent land uses (city).
Customer Management Attract new customers.
Retain existing customers (satisfaction).
Find new added value activities.
Stakeholder Management Influence regulation.
Relations with local (city), regional (state/provincial) and national public agencies and organizations.
Source: adapted from De Langen, P. (2008) Ensuring Hinterland Access: The Role of Port Authorities, JTRC Discussion Paper 2008-11.
The Main Activities of Landlord Port Authorities
A port authority is managing assets and relations. Its activities range from operational to strategic issues. The operational issues are obviously related to the day to day management of port activities, while the strategic issues pertain to infrastructure development, customer interactions, managing its real estate and the relations with regulatory and stake-holding agencies and organizations.