Port Sites
There is a vast array of port sites linked to varied nautical profiles:
  • Mainland Ports. These ports are linked to a major river, which is often serving a vast hinterland. There are ports in a delta (New Orleans, Bangkok), at the margin of a delta (Calcutta, Rangoon, and Rotterdam), in an estuary (Le Havre, New York, Buenos Aires), near an estuary (Liverpool, Lisbon, Quebec) or along a river (Montreal, Antwerp, Portland). For instance, one of the oldest ports in the world, Ostia, was at the mouth of the Tiber river and acted as Rome's port.
  • Seaports. These ports have direct access to the sea and try to take advantage of a local geographical feature. This can involve bays (Tokyo), natural harbors (San Francisco, Durban), or protected locations (Gdansk: sand dunes, Dakar: islands, Honolulu: reefs).