Source: Courtesy of Aedas Ltd.
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Hong Kong International Distribution Center
Hong Kong International Distribution Center (HKIDC), one of the world's largest building, is located immediately adjacent to the port of Hong Kong (Asia Container Terminals operated by Dubai Ports World), a major gateway to the Pearl River Delta manufacturing cluster. The other end of HKIDC is a 7 floors advanced freight distribution center with up to 676,774 square feet on each of the 6 upper floors and a large holding and parking area on the roof (front). Adjacent to the HKIDC is the Asia Terminal Logistics Center, composed of two blocs, one being 14 floors high. Such capital intensive structures are unusual and are the outcome of stringent space scarcity in the vicinity of the port and the large demand for freight distribution support activities. The complex essentially acts as a satellite terminal for the port of Hong Kong, located in proximity to the city's central area.