Source: Containerization International.
Rank / Size of the 50 Largest Container Ports, 1980-2010
While traffic handled by the largest container ports has surged, the emergence of mega container ports handling more than 5 million TEUs has been prevalent. As of 2010, 11 ports, almost all of them in Pacific Asia, handled more than 10 million TEU, clearly standing above all the others. While from the 1980s to 1990s concentration prevailed a process of deconcentration took place afterwards. Still, traffic remains highly concentrated among two subgroups of the world's largest ports. The first concerns 5 mega-hubs above 12 million TEUs and that are the world's main commercial platforms. They include Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong / Shenzhen and Busan. The second group concerns 11 ports above 7 million TEUs.