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World Main Road Network
Although the world road network appears to be connected and rather extensive, it is more a collection of national networks with limited cross-border connections. The only notable exceptions are Europe where there is a strategy to establish a Trans-European Network (TEN) and North America where the Canadian and American highway systems are well connected. The quality and capacity of the road infrastructure varies substantially which is reflected in transportation costs. For instance, transportation by truck is much cheaper in the United States than in China in spite of lower labor costs. While a truckload would cost about $1.10 per kilometer to be moved in the United States, it would cost about $1.75 per kilometer to be moved in China.
Although the United States and Canada have low levels of road density comparatively to Japan and Western European countries, they have high levels of road length per capita. Therefore, their extensive territories mask substantial efforts made to provide road infrastructure on a per capita basis, a factor associated with high levels of automobile ownership.