Source: Airlines. Note: Paths are approximate. (Detailed PDF Map)
The World's Longest Nonstop Air Transport Routes, 2016
The Boeing 747-400, which was introduced in 1989, made possible ultra-long-range routes like New York / Hong Kong, though often at the cost of a reduced payload. Two airliners, the A340-500 and the Boeing 777-200LR, have made possible even longer routes, since their introduction in 2004 and 2005 respectively. This marked the end of the dominance of the B747-400 in commercial air services since aircrafts that have better range and are more fuel efficient became available. The A340-500, which could not effectively compete with the B777, was later discontinued and replaced by the A380-800 in 2007 and the A350 in 2015. The only remaining long distance air service serviced by the A340 is between New York and Johannesburg (South African Airways).
The B777 dominates the world's longest nonstop air routes, followed by the A380-800. While the longest route is between Dubai and Auckland, the most prevalent routes are linking North American cities with Southern China (Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Taipei), using polar routes. The second cluster concerns long distance flights from North America to the major air hubs of the Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha). The airlines of these hubs have been very proactive in setting several long distance services to large cities in Europe and North America to reinforce their connectivity. Since customers prefer direct flights, a greater number of long distance nonstop flights is expected as a new generation of long range fuel efficient aircrafts become mainstream, such as the B787 (2011) and the A350 (2015). These new aircrafts are particularly relevant since they offer a higher level of comfort for the passengers (higher cabin air pressure and humidity), which makes a big difference over long flights.