Note: Assume constant travel time and does not take account of prevailing winds and technical stops (refueling, crew change).
Flight Times by Piston and Jet Engines from New York
The jet engine, introduced at the end of the 1950s, revolutionized international air transportation. With a piston engine, an airplane leaving New York can service North American destinations within 10 hours. Europe and the bulk of South America can be reached within 15-24 hours (with refueling stops), while East Asia is still at least 40 hours away. With a jet engine, a plane leaving New York reaches Europe and the bulk of South America within 10 hours and East Asia within 17 hours (with refueling stops before the introduction of very long range aircraft in the 1990s). Every part of the world can be serviced in less than 24 hours. Jet aircraft were not only much faster (about twice as much) but also produced much less cabin vibration and were far easier to maintain than the last generation of piston engines.