Port Terminal Assets of APMT by Equity-Based Capacity
While traffic figures on a per terminal basis are difficult to come by as they related to private operations, capacity figures are generally made available. The above map depicts the equity-based capacity of the portfolio of APMT, a branch company of Maersk. Equity-based capacity is derived from the ownership share of a terminal asset controlled by the terminal operator. So, if APMT has an equity stake of 60% of a terminal having an annual capacity of 100,000 TEU, its equity-based capacity is 60,000 TEU. It is quite evident that APMT has terminal assets in almost every major market of the world, with a strong presence in Asia, Western Europe and North America. In the case of the western coast of Africa, APMT is almost the sole terminal operator.
The largest terminals in terms of capacity where APMT has an equity stake of 100% are Algeciras (3,400,000 TEU), Los Angeles (2,600,000 TEU), Rotterdam (2,500,000 TEU) and New York (1,300,000TEU).