Source: Ultra Global Prt.
ULTra (Urban Light Transport) System
ULTra is a automated light transit system, a form of rapid transit, composed of small vehicles of a maximum of 4 passengers. It operates on its own guideway, which can be elevated or at ground level. The system is accessible through a set of stations, which are off-line, involving that loading and unloading has no impact on the flow of other vehicles (unlike a subway or LTR). The major difference with regular transit systems is that the vehicle is on demand, semi-private and will service only the requested destination, by passing all the stations in between. It thus offers the potential of flexibility and privacy which is lacking from standard mass transit systems.
In 2011 the first commercial application of the technology was inaugurated at the Heathrow international airport. The system, through a 4 km guideway, links a car park to terminal 5 and has proved to be highly reliable.