Chokepoint Usage (ships / day, 2003) Additional Capacity Limitation Threat (disruption potential)
Hormuz 50 Limited Narrow corridors (two 3 km wide channels) Iran
Suez 38 Notable (expansion completed in 2015) 200,000 dwt and convoy size Political instability in Egypt, Terrorism
Bosporus 125 Very limited Ship size and length; 210,000 dwt Restrictions by Turkey; navigation accidents
Malacca 170 Substantial 300,000 dwt Piracy
Panama 35 Limited (expansion in 2016) 65,000 dwt (120,000 dwt after expansion) No significant
Maritime Chokepoints: Capacity, Limitations and Threats
The circulation capacity mainly dictated by the chokepoints does not leave much additional room to accommodate growth, although there is significant room to manage more effectively their use. Still, these geographical constraints cannot be easily bypassed and will be a significant factor in the security of global freight distribution. Occasionally, the dependency of the global economy on their use is underlined with the unfolding of geopolitical events. The Strait of Hormuz has particularly been the object of recurring contentions since it is linked to the strategic supply of oil.