Source of image: Suez Canal Authority.
Source for text: quoted from Disraeli and the Purchase of the Suez Canal.
Containership on the Suez Canal
"For over 80 years the Canal was essentially a foreign enclave. The Suez Canal Company, which owned and operated the Canal was an Egyptian cooperation, but practically all the share capital was held abroad. Foreigners controlled the board of directors and constituted the great bulk of the managerial and technical staff. Only a fraction of the profits went to Egypt. In 1949, the Suez Canal Company concluded an agreement with the Egyptian Government establishing new conditions of administration more favorable to the country, including an increased share of the profits and a provision enlarging the countries representation on the board of directors."
"Presumably the agreement of 1949 would forever satisfy the Egyptians. However, in 1956 the Nasser regime seized control of the canal and claimed its sovereign right to govern its use. Thus the Suez canal remains to this day, a national treasure to the Egyptian people, making the country millions of dollars daily."