Daniel J.H. Greenwood
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NY Times letter
NY Times
Sunday July 1, 2007, Section 14, p. 9

To the Editor:

Re "Four More Days" (editorial, June 17):

Congestion pricing is going to increase traffic and pollution just outside the restricted zone as commuters search for scarce parking. Fortunately, now that we have programmable parking meters, we have an easy market-based solution: City parking meters should allow long-term parking at market rates, high enough that street parking is always readily available. Rates would be higher at high-demand times and lower in the evenings and weekends, and could have a discount for neighborhood residents.

Market-rate parking meters would not only reduce cruising for parking, they'd also generate funds for mass transit, give drivers who do not need their cars a reason to take mass transit, and create incentives for private entrepreneurs to build parking garages. Everyone would win (except those who think that traffic jams are so socially important that the rest of us ought to be subsidizing them).

Daniel J.H. Greenwood
Brooklyn Heights