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The protocols below were written as instructions for the students. Notes to instructors can be found at the end of each protocol. Throughout these instructions I refer to the "common mutant" and an "unknown." These refer to the Mhc mutant and the student's assigned line for the independent project respectively.



  Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
  Measuring Optical Density
  Precipitation of DNA
  Use of Enzymes
  UV Spectrophotometry


Laboratory Specific

  Laboratory 1-2: Characterization of Mutants
  Laboratory 2: Plasmid Rescue Overview
  Laboratory 3: Chromosomal DNA
  Laboratory 4: Preparation of Competent Cells
  Laboratory 4: Digestion and Ligation
  Laboratory 5: Transformation
  Laboratory 6: Plasmid DNA Preparation
  Laboratory 7-10: RNA Preparation
  Laboratory 10-12: PCR Analysis Splicing Variants
  Laboratory 8: Preparation of DNA for Sequencing
  Laboratory 8-10: Southern and Northern Analysis
  Laboratory 11-16: Screening a cDNA Library
  Laboratory 12: Preparation of DNA from and Agarose Gel
  Laboratory 13-14: Labeling, Hybridization and Detection of DNA Probes
  Laboratory 15-21: Subcloning into an expression vector
  Laboratory 21-23: Preparation of Muscle Proteins
  Laboratory 22-23: Expression and Purification of Protein
  Laboratory 23: Polyacrylamide gel