Fall 2011

  1. CSC190 Software Engineering
    Textbook: Ian Sommerville, Software Engineering 8/e, ISBN: 978-0-321-31379-9. (latest version 9/e ISBN-10: 0137035152).

For course materials, please visit Blackboard. All assignments, projects, reports, etc. have to be submitted using the Blackboard assignment tool. Submissions via Email will not be accepted!

Courses Taught at Hofstra:

  1. CSC 14F Freshman Seminar(Fall'10)
  2. CSC 15 CS I(Fall'08, Fall'09, Fall'10)
  3. CSC 112 Operating Systems (Spr'09, Spr'10, Spr'12, Spr'13, Spr'14)
  4. CSC 145S Network Security (Spr'09, Spr'11)
  5. CSC 153 Advanced Computer Architecture (Fall'08)
  6. CSC 190 Software Engineering (Fall'09, Fall'10, Fall'11, Spr'13, Spr'14)
  7. CSC 215 Ethical Hacking (Fall'12)
  8. CSC 283 Web Application Development (Spr'09, Spr'12, Spr'13)
  9. CSC 290 Special Problems (Fall'08)
  10. CSC 300 Independent Project (Fall'08, Spr'09, Sum'09)
  11. CSC 303 Independent Project (Spr'10, Summer'10, Fall'10, Spr'11)

Courses Taught at GSW:

  1. CSCI6320 Advanced Software Engineering (graduate) (Spr'07)
  2. CSCI4900 Capstone Project (Fall'05, Spr'06, Fall'06, Spr'07, Fall'07, Spr'08)
  3. CIS 1000 Computer Applications (Summer'05, Fall'05, Summer'06, Fall'06, Summer'07, Fall'07)
  4. CSCI4100 Computer Architecture (Fall'04, Fall'05, Fall'06, Fall'07)
  5. CSCI3100 Computer Organization (Summer'05, Summer'06, Summer'07)
  6. CIS4200 Computer Security (Spr'07)
  7. CSCI3300 Concepts of Programming Languages (Spr'05)
  8. CSCI4210 Data Communication and Computer Networks (Spr'06)
  9. CSCI4200 Design of Operating Systems (Fall'04, Fall'05, Fall'06, Fall'07)
  10. CSCI6220 Distributed Operating Systems (graduate) (Spr'05, Spr'06, Spr'08)
  11. CSCI6930 Internship (graduate) (Spr'07)
  12. CSCI2000 Introduction to Computer Science I (Fall'04)
  13. CSCI4910 Junior/Senior Seminar (Spr'05, Spr'06, Spr'07, Spr'08)
  14. CSCI7900 Master's Thesis (graduate) (Spr'05, Fall'05, Fall'06, Spr'07)
  15. CSCI4300 Software Engineering (Fall'06)
  16. CSCI4900 Special Problems in CS (Spr'05)
  17. CSCI6900 Special Problems in CS (graduate) (Fall'05, Fall'06, Fall'07)
  18. CSCI5120 Topics in Information Security (graduate) (Fall'04, Fall'06, Fall'07)