Student Manual

You can also download the instructor manual here (disabled now, the latest version is in HTML below)

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Visit the url at which APOGEE is hosted. You will be brought to a login page. Enter your user name and password and you will be redirected to the appropriate user page.
Login Page

Project Summary

After logging in, you will be brought to the project summary page, where you can enroll for courses, view courses you have been enrolled in, and any projects associated with any of the courses you enrolled in.

Enrolling in a Course

To enroll in a course, select it by pressing the "select" link next to it, and click the "Enroll" button on the top.

After enrolling, you will be able to see all the projects associated with a course.

Project Specification

Here is where you can view specific information for a project. To access a project specification page, you need to select a course by pressing the "select" link next to it, and the click the project name on the bottom. You will be brought to the following page.

Below is a sample set of test cases. These test cases will be tested against your web application. Each test case describes exactly what it does, so you'll be able to write your program within specification. You can see these requirements by clicking on them, or alternatively, you can view the posted specification sheet provided above in the Project Summary Page.

Submitting Your Project

To submit your project, make sure it is hosted somewhere. Then, input the url into the Submission: URL box and click submit. You will have to wait a while (up to several minutes) for it to complete. When it does complete, you will see a generated report that will inform you on your failed and passed test cases and show you screen shots of each step along the way. It will then show you the calculated grade.