Collaborative Research: A Trial-and-Failure Project Tutoring System
NSF #: CCLI-0836859, Amount: : $42,998, Period: : 03/15/2009 to 02/28/2011,
Lead Pincipal Investigator: Dr. Xiang Fu
Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Boris Peltsverger
Collaborative Grants: CCLI-0837275 ($52,000), CCLI-0837020 ($55,009)


This project involves the construction of an interactive project tutoring tool, APOGEE, and a collection of companion laboratory modules. APOGEE adopts a trial-and-failure teaching strategy. Students can submit projects multiple times to APOGEE before a deadline. Each temporary submission is graded instantly, with each project requirement evaluated fairly and consistently by APOGEE. Any failure scenario is displayed to students interactively online, step by step. Students learn from failures, refine project design, and resubmit. The cyclic improvement model can greatly enrich students' learning experience without burdening faculty in grading.


NSF 0829641, Collaborative Research: CPATH TI: Project EXCE2L (Excellence in Computer Education with Entrepreneurship and Leadership Skills). $289,906, 09/01/2008-08/31/2011, CO-PI.

NASA Grant NNK06EA03H, Success for Minority Students in Computing Demonstration Projects. $99,000, 2006, CO-PI.