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“At the Foot of an Almond Tree”

“Notes from a Swiss Prison”




Carlo Rosselli:

Reviews of Carlo Rosselli

Carlo Rosselli in Italian:

Carlo Rosselli in Russian:

Carlo Rosselli in Romanian:




The Legacy of Primo Levi


Review of  Primo Levi’s Auschwitz Report


Carlo Levi’s Fear of Freedom

“Voices from a Time”


Palgrave Macmillan Italian and Italian American Studies Series

Desperate Inscriptions: Graffiti from the Nazi Prison in Rome, 1943-1944


Fascism, Antifascism and the Resistance in Italy


Women of the Italian Resistance

Lucia Servadio Bedarida

Interview on Primo Levi:

“Contesting Constraints: Amelia Pincherle Rosselli and Pre-Fascist Italy,” in Women in Judaism, v. 1, n2, (Summer 1998):



“On Soccer and Suffering”

“Wine Dark Me”


Frank Sinatra: History, Identity and Italian American Culture



With John Turturro at Hofstra University for Primo Levi Conference: