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We are developing polymer constructs with different mechanical, chemical, and biological properties in the form of thin films, gels, sponges, scaffolds, and meshes for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications.
Some of the materials’ desired physical properties include:

Principal Investigator:  Roche C. de Guzman, Ph.D. (Engineering)
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PubMed Activity

Presentations: a) Society for Biomaterials 2015 Annual Conference, Talk – Photo-polymerized keratin-PEG sponge for growth factor delivery in bone tissue engineering; b) Biomedical Engineering Society 2015 Annual Conference, Talk – Crosslinked keratin in PEG matrix for sequestration of bone repair growth factors

Hofstra Students (*current):

1) Jessica Magarinos (Physics) - Heparin release kinetics out of a PEG matrix (ENGG 199; Spring 2015); Poster presentation: Hofstra Undergraduate Research Day 2015

2) Jennifer Miller (Bioengineering) - Endothelial cells on PEG-based gels and controlled PABA release from chitosan-PCL at varying pH conditions (Spring 2015 - *); Poster presentations: Hofstra Undergraduate Research Day 2015, BMES 2015 Annual Conference

3) Vasilios Lianos (Biology) - Fabrication of new bioactive glass formulations (Summer 2015 - Spring 2016)

4) Ariel Golshan (Mechanical Engineering) - Effects of plasticizers and synthesis conditions of PEG gels (Summer 2015 - Summer 2016)

5) Daniel Foyt (Bioengineering) - Bioactivities of chondromodulin 1 and VEGF-C growth factors on collagen-PEG substrates (ENGG 143G; Fall 2015 - Spring 2016); Poster presentations: Colonial Academic Alliance Undergraduate Research Conference 2016, World Biomaterials Conference 2016

6) Tyler Lavertu (Bioengineering) - High compressive pressure effects on PEG film assembly (ENGG 143G; Fall 2015)

7) Emily Diaz (Biology) - Differentiation of MSCs through inducers incorporated in biomaterial gels (BIO 093 & 094; Fall 2015 - *); Poster presentations: Hofstra Undergraduate Research Day 2016, Colonial Academic Alliance Undergraduate Research Conference 2016

8) Miguel Hutchinson (Bioengineering) - <Worked with Emily Diaz on her project> (ENGG 143G; Fall 2015 - Spring 2016)

9) Massimo D'Alessandro (Bioengineering) - <Worked with Daniel Foyt on his project> (ENGG 199 & 143G; Spring 2016)

10) Chad Cunningham (Bioengineering) - Plasma treatment of PLA for cell adhesion (ENGG 199; Spring 2016)

11) Liam Lang (Biology) - Histological analysis of PEG-growth factor gel implants (Summer 2016 - *)

12) Jenesis Curtis (Biology) - Bioactive glass characterization and blood interaction (Summer 2016)

13) Reid Wasserman (Premedical Studies) - Isolation of periosteal stem cells from rat femurs (BIO 093; Fall 2016 - *)

14) Horacio Reyna (Bioengineering) - Pressure monitoring of pig bladder (ENGG 143G; Fall 2016 - *)

15) Kimberly Lewis (Bioengineering) - Crosslinked PEG additives for tuning of mechanical properties (ENGG 143G; Fall 2016 - *)

High School Students:

1) Nathaniel Vaduthala - Mechanical characterization of gels formed using different PEG structures (Spring 2015 - Fall 2016)

2) Daniyal Jamal - Electric current applied to MSCs induced for osteogenesis on silicone with CNTs (Summer 2016)

3) Smiti Shah - Bacterial inhibition in contaminated water through a filter mesh with charged silver microparticles and CNTs (Summer 2016)

4) Bradley Sheen - Anionic drug delivery from chitosan and PEG scaffolds through pulsed electricity (Summer 2016)



BML Publications

1) de Guzman RC and Rabbany SY. PEG-Immobilized Keratin for Protein Drug Sequestration and pH-Mediated Delivery (Submitted to Journal of Drug Delivery)


Conference Presentations

1) Hofstra University 2015 Undergraduate Research Day, Hempstead, NY

2) Society for Biomaterials 2015 Annual Conference, Charlotte, NC

3) Biomedical Engineering Society 2015 Annual Conference, Tampa, FL


Lab Equipments

1) Lyophilizer

2) Mechanical testers (tension and compression)

3) Pellet press

Last updated on: September 5, 2015

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