Let's begin!

In this program you will be learning how to multiply decimals and how they differ from whole numbers. Continue below to get started or choose a section from the menu to jump ahead to.

Getting Started...

This program will explain and give you examples and exercises on multiplication with decimals. When you have finished this program you should be able to multiply two numbers less than one, and two numbers where one is less than one and the other is greater than one. You should also know when multiplication with decimals are used in real-life situations.

This program starts with a pretest that is recommended to take. However, the pretest can be skipped by clicking on Lesson in the menu at the top. Following the pretest is a lesson on multiplication with decimals broken down by general topic covered. There are explanations, examples and exercises. The final part is a test where you can try out your new knowledge.

It should take you about an hour to go through the entire program.