Engineering Department

M. David Burghardt, Ph.D.

Office: 201A Weed Hall
Phone: 516-463-5550
Fax: 516-463-4939

My quest to improve STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) literacy in K-16 education has been the unifying theme of my work for nearly two decades. This quest shapes the research I perform, the texts I write, the courses I create, the departments I chaired, and of course, my teaching. I have had the good fortune to direct several multi-million dollar grants from the National Science Foundation over the past eighteen years. Of the 12 books I have written, the two most recent focus on engineering and design. I have created courses on Children's Engineering, ELED 239, and recently had approved by New York State a Bachelor of Arts degree in STEM for elementary school teachers. I created and co-direct the Center for STEM Research, manage several research projects, and am working with my students to create active teaching/learning classrooms.