The Geography of East and Southeast Asia


The Geography of East and Southeast Asia contains a wide array of educational material pertaining to a complex and dynamic region of the world. It covers a geographical overview and analysis of several modern states in East and Southeast Asia, commonly known as Pacific Asia. Pacific Asian economies have experienced various phases of economic development since the end of World War II. Some like Japan are among the most advanced economies in the world, while others have been left behind. This region has strongly been shaped by globalization and the emergence of the Chinese economic giant is likely to transform the region well into the 21st century. Topics will include geographical and socioeconomic features of: Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and other countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Problems and prospects of Asian development in the region as well as geographical issues related to urbanization, transport systems, agriculture and resource development are covered.


  • An overview of the geographical features underlining the vastness, heterogeneity and the complexity of East and Southeast Asia.
  • An inquiry on specific historical, economic, social, cultural and political environments related to each Pacific Asian country.
  • An understanding current issues, problems and prospects about Pacific Asia from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Main Topics

  • Topic 1 The Pacific Asian Space
  • Topic 2 Historical Geography of Pacific Asia
  • Topic 3 Pacific Asian Economy and Society
  • Topic 4 Japan and its Corporate Hegemony
  • Topic 5 China, the Awakening Giant
  • Topic 6 East Asian Tigers: Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong
  • Topic 7 Southeast Asia
  • Topic 8 The Excluded: North Korea, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia

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