Beach Profile Study of eastern Jones Beach Island and western Fire Island

Fred Wolff and J Bret Bennington

Department of Geology, Hofstra University

Abstract of study for Long Island Geologists Conference, SUNY Stony Brook, April 15, 2000
A Comparison of Changes between Natural and Renourished Beaches - the 1997-2000 Interval between Sand Replenishment Projects at eastern Jones Beach Island and western Fire Island New York 

Beach Profile Animations

Below are gif animation files that illustrate month to month changes in beach profiles for several beaches located along the Atlantic coast of Long Island during the interval from April 1997 to January 1999. All transects were measured monthly, on or near the middle of the month whenever possible. Using measuring tape, sight levels and rods the height and width of the beach sections were determined in feet and then plotted to produce the animations.

Index Map for Beach Profile Animations

Tobay Beach (slow) - 120K

Tobay Beach (fast) - 120 K

East Gilgo Beach (slow) - 120K

East Gilgo Beach (fast) - 120 K

Robert Moses Field 2 (slow) - 120K

Robert Moses Field 2 (fast) - 120 K

Robert Moses Field 4 (slow) - 120K

Robert Moses Field 4 (fast) - 120 K

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