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Note: The larger QTVR images below may work better if they are downloaded to your hard drive and then played using the QuickTime player.
Glacial Geology, Long Island, NY
Glacial and pre-glacial geologic history of Long Island revealed in the beach cliffs of Caumsett State Park, Lloyd Neck, New York.
West end cliff exposure of glacial sediments overlying older Cretaceous sands (1.3 mb).
Central cliff exposure showing older red and white Cretaceous sands (1.3 mb).
East end cliff exposure of glacial sediments (1.3 mb).

Bear Valley Strip Mine, Shamokin, PA
This is a well-known abandoned coal mine in the Valley and Ridge Province of eastern Pennsylvania. It is a visually impressive field site with synclines and anticlines exposed by strip mining in both cross section and in 3D.
QTVR Panorama (1.5 mb) - note exposed anticline (whaleback) across center of image and anticline-syncline in distant highwall. QTVR Panorama (3.5 m) - high resolution version of the same panorama. This version is best for downloading and importing into a PowerPoint presentation. It can be enlarged to fill the screen with little loss of detail.
QTVR Scene (7.3.mb) - same panorama but with hot links embedded - view parts of the scene from different perspectives or view detail images of features such as, structures, fossils and ironstone concretions.
For more information about the Bear Valley Mine, see Nickelson, R. P., 1987, Sequence of structural stages of the Alleghany orogeny at the Bear Valley Strip Mine, Shamokin, Pennsylvania, Geological Society of America Centennial Field Guide-Northeastern Section, p.55-58.

Hornfels Quarry, Gettysburg, PA
The Valley Quarry is located within the Triassic Gettysburg Basin. The rocks being extracted are contact metamorphosed shales with sandstone beds, all of which are now a dense hornfels. The base of the diabase sill responsible for the contact metamorphism is visible in the upper part of one corner of the quarry (it is not being mined).
QTVR Panorama (2.0 mb) - 200° view of the main highwall of the quarry. Note quartzite layers in highwall and diabase at top of highwall directly behind woman.
QTVR Panorama (2.6 mb) - full 360° view of the inside of the quarry.

Little Round Top, Gettysburg, PA
View from the summit of Little Round Top, a diabase ridge that provided a critical line of defense for the Union Army during the battle of Gettysburg in the Civil War. Many spheroidally weathered boulders of diabase are visible as well as the valley to the northeast across which the battle was fought on July 2, 3, and 4, 1863.
QTVR Panorama (1.5 mb) - 180° view from the southwestern end of the summit. QTVR Panorama (1.5 mb) - 180° view from the center of the summit.

Limestone Quarry, Fairfield, PA
This quarry contains an unusual limestone breccia which has been contact metamorphosed into a low-grade marble by a local diabase sheet. The age of the breccia is uncertain, but it seems likely that it is lower Paleozoic, the limestone having been exposed by erosion of the overlying Triassic strata.
QTVR Panorama (2.3 mb) - 360° view of the quarry.
QTVR Scene (4.6 mb) - 360° view of the quarry with embedded hot links showing details of quarry features.

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